In today’s busy world, we know that you might sometimes be too busy or too tired to always clean your teeth. If this happens regularly, your teeth may benefit from a professional clean. That’s where our dental hygienist can help. They’ll give your mouth and teeth a really thorough clean, leaving them feeling refreshed and smooth. So why not call us today and experience the difference for yourself?

Of course, dental hygienists aren’t just there to clean your teeth for you. They can also help you with your everyday oral regime. Working with your dentist, they’ll show you the best way to clean your teeth and keep your mouth healthy and free of plaque. Sometimes they can add protective materials to teeth or gums to help you keep your mouth clean. Occasionally, they may be used to do some preparatory work for your dental treatment.

Your dental hygiene is our main concern. And we aim to motivate you to improve it for yourself.

Everybody of all ages can benefit from seeing a dental hygienist occasionally. They have the expertise to remove tartar you can’t always see by yourself. Troublesome stains that can’t be cleaned by regular toothpastes are no problem either: modern ultrasonic techniques can take away just about anything. It can also stop tooth decay and gum disease starting.