We can whiten your teeth in three ways.


The first is a carefully supervised home whitening system. This involves custom-made trays that fit your teeth perfectly, being created by a professional laboratory. We then teach you how and where to place the special whitening gel. The trays should be worn at times convenient to you in the evening or at night, and will whiten your teeth carefully and gently over about two weeks.


The second method is the latest whitening system from America. ZOOM! Advanced Power is one of the most widely researched whitening systems available today. The process is completed in about an hour and takes place in a relaxed setting in the surgery. Whitening gel is applied to your teeth and a special photo-activating light is applied to the gel, giving noticeably whiter teeth in a short space of time.


The third method involves a combination of both of the above. ZOOM! Advanced Power is carried out following the customised home whitening system. This gives the whitest and longest-lasting result, in the shortest space of time.